Cleaning Services in Sofia

Basic cleaning of homes and offices

This type of cleaning is very important for the easier support of the hygiene and the good condition of the floorings. To this end “Barrage M” performs subscriber-based cleaning to satisfy the requirements of its clients.

Cleaning of soft floor coverings

Extractor washing, rinsing and drying – using professional machines and quality cleansers, we attain a high quality of the cleaning, avoiding of damaging the furniture around. With special machine with brushes a solution of carpet cleanser and water is rubbed in the carpet. The solution penetrates deeply in it and destructs the stains. After that the dirty solution is sucked with extractor vacuum cleaner and when rinsed, the rest of the cleanser is removed from the covering. The flooring obtains a maximum fresh look.


Carpet and uphosster

Dry washing – applicable to some kind of carpets, which can not be threated with water. Dense, dry mousse, containing only 5% water, is being rubbed in the carpet with machine. The mousse absorbs all the dust. At the end it is being sucked with vacuum cleaner. The floor covering is dry after washing and the further staining is decelerated.

Laundering of upholsteries and cleaning of stains – furniture and cars. It is performed with special machines and cleansers, and the material is left half-dry. This type of cleaning restores the freshness of the material and removes stubborn stains.


Cleaning of solid floor coverings

Washing - the solid floor coverings are washed with ecological cleansers and professional machines with special abrasive disks. The floor is thoroughly cleaned and long – lasting effect is attained.

Crystallization of marble flooring – Preparations with polishing and crystallizing components are used, so after the work is finished maximum polishing effect is being attained. After such a treatment of the floor covering its daily support is easier, because the dust does not stick on it. The cleanser removes little, fine scrapes and the contours of the floor become brighter. The surface of the flooring becomes smooth as a mirror.

Polishing of solid floorings - the last stage of the treatment of natural stone floor coverings after main cleaning or grinding. Laying of high-hardy polishing cleanser increases the brightness of the stone floors approximately 6-7 times. The polishing layer makes easier every-day cleaning and protects from stains
Diamond grinding - The most reliable method for the deep injuries and stains from the natural stone floor coverings (e.g. marble, mosaic and granite) to be completely removed is grinding. Thus the upper dirty layer of the floor is being removed. The next step is grinding with finer diamond disks until perfect smoothness of the floor is obtained.


Cleaning of windows and facade

Cleaning of all kind of windows, joinery and shop-windows. We offer cleaning of inoperable windows with experienced climbers.

Cleaning of facades and advertising signboards

Cleaning of blinds

General cleaning after construction repairs

Cleaning of windows, joineries and facades
Washing of soft and solid floorings
Collection and disposal of waste
Cleaning of paint
Daily Support of the Hygiene

Vacuum cleaning of soft floorings
Washing of solid floorings with special cleansers
Washing of windows and doors
Dust-wiping of the furniture
Collection and disposal of waste
Disinfection, refreshment and supplying of sanitary premises
You determine the frequency and time, at which the service will be performed!

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